The Praise of the Family that was by Guido Torrini.

The story of a Goldsmith's Lineage, their hopes, possible regrets, successes, failures, their conflicts, their ability to always look beyond the wall of life.
A stratification of stories that form generations, that is the path to a never-ending work.

From generation to generation with the sense of honor and dignity, knowing to maintain its identity, its integrity and its independence.
It is only under these conditions that one can overcome the centuries by maintaining love for the family with the traditions that parents have been able to convey to their children, with the desire to start each day on a journey that began long before.

We know the story of the old trademark to which we are all attached to honoring it, beyond its commercial value but only as a witness to a past to be handed down to the future.
Work is not necessarily easy but normal for those who have always had strong moral and spiritual values ​​that are hard to beat.

Franco di Guido Torrini

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